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Zyad Lopez

Gospel Singer,

Writer & Musician

zyad lopaz new child.JPG

Tatianna Barbosa



My artist, "ScrapBad" is an incredible rapper.  The son of the famous incredible singer, "Gina Thompson". ScrapBad is a positive Direction Artist. He raps about the negative experiences he had in life as a young man and after meeting "The Rev", he is turning his life and his rapping around to help and guide other young men and women to that best place in life. ScrapBad has given up Gangster Rap and vulgarity in his rapping.  His NEW music is reflecting his amazing life turnaround!

scrapbad pic 1.png

New Child presents Oluwatodimu Akomolede

"Tito" with an intro of "Troubled Soul".

Marble Surface


SCRAPBAD will soon release his NEW song

"9 out of 10". 

Enjoy this intro!

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